How to Win?


It would be better to avoid foreclosures because it can be a pain in the head. If you are already having enough problems at work then avoid this at all costs. Why would you mortgage your property if you can’t pay the interest? It would be a good idea to read the contract between you and the lender so you know what you are getting yourself into. You must not start a fight with your lender or it might lead to worse things in the future.

When the lender files for foreclosure against your property then you must consult a lawyer on what to do next. You must hire a good lawyer though or else you might end up losing the case even if you are the right one all along. Sometimes, it really depends on the ability of the lawyer so hire one who has been dealing with foreclosures for a very long time. Who knows? Even if your case has no hope, the lawyer could find a loophole that would allow you to win and there would be no better feeling than winning a case when the judge announces who win the end. You will definitely jump for joy and look at the loser as if you will never see him again in the future. You can’t blame yourself for doing that since it has been a long battle back and forth and a case won’t take a single day unless one of you admits the mistake and concedes defeat.


There is also a chance you are in default and if that is the case then you may file to get the original documents back. It has been a long time and the lender also has a lot of borrowers to deal with and with all the documents there is a big chance they may have misplaced it especially if they have a big office. That will definitely not be good news for them but it sure is good news for you so be happy.